TwentyEleven Demos

by Cash For Your Stories

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released February 6, 2012




Cash For Your Stories Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Raoul Moat (Spanish Folk)
let's make a hell of our own and we'll try how long we can stand it
let's bully ourselves below decks to a sulphur pit of our creation
how will this end, with us spluttering and gasping on the deck in the sun?
or in the dark with blood pouring from our nose ears and eyes?

Please fear the others.

it feels like it's always been there
a lie that's told and never disputed
easy to keep and perpetuate
frustrated one-way relationship
so easy to break
"it only hurts myself"
just keep saying it 'til you start believing

it draws me in
the city heaves and the crowds bring floods of fear
but I know it's wrong
because underneath suspicion lies a burning hope
but its just blind hope
sometimes it feels just like its all blind hope
sometimes its there and it makes me smile